Now just so you all think I’m Dr.Phil… I ain’t him. In fact far from it. However through my years I have learned a few things that may help anyone get through life’s shitty obstacles. It is not all about Anxiety, but most relate. You don’t need top experts in your life. All you need is some guidance.

  • If you feel like you suffer from Anxiety, and experience the feeling of panic every day do not fret. Embrace the fact you are an emotional human being. A lot of people in this day and age do not show it as much as they should.
  • Do not judge yourself , unless you have murdered someone for the craic. You are you, and nobody should tell you different. Be the person you are.
  • Set goals for yourself. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be ? I suffer from mild depression so sometimes Ben and Jerry’s and Jerry Springer would make me feel I’m accomplishing things on a day. Trust me I was a college drop out, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t do anything with my life. For the love of god I’m in Australia. That in itself is something I never pictured myself doing. You can do it!
  • Don’t feel ashamed to feel scared, nervous, or cry. Heck I cry all the time, at home, work , in public and at this stage it does not phase me. If you can’t cope with a certain situation do not lock yourself away. Scream out and laugh because you look like a loony!
  • Talk about things. Be it with family, friends, strangers in the pub on a Sunday Sesh , work mates or your manager. Everyone has something they can relate too.
  • Always wipe back to front.
  • Panic Attacks are horrible. If you feel on coming on do not think the Grim Reaper is around the corner in an Uber waiting for you. It is normal. You just need to think about where they stem from, if at all, and keep telling yourself IT IS OK!
  • Love is a funny one for me . I will write a post on love so have a browse when it is updated . It is waaaaaaaay to long for a bullet point
  • Be it if your a male or female reading this , all posts are gender friendly including my advice. I’m a woman yes, but most of my friend’s are males! So take a seat 😉
  • If you ever need to talk to me or ask any questions do not hesitate to email me. Please, I mean it I won’t bite your ear off. My whole point in doing this is to help, relate and just make a laugh of everything I can There is too much crap in this life , so make the most of it ! Go nuts. 😛


I will update my blog as much as possible. Like I stated above , this blog is about my views, reviews on things, and my story. The more you read someone else’s thoughts, the more it enlightens you to do the same and become a person who yes does have struggles, but f*ck it , will try to enjoy your time and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH at other peoples expense as well as your own ! 😀