I’m sure most of you have had days where your brain is going a fuckin thousand miles an hour like your late for church on a Sunday. It’s amazing how little things can drive you fuckin mad! I spend my days thinking of what to write in an email for work, what happens if I get it wrong , why is certain things happening , why certain people are fuckwits , is this going to pay off for me , do people like me , why am I so pale etc and the list goes on . 

I don’t take any medication at all, stay away from coffee so I won’t get the jitters (or the shits) , go to sleep pretty timely , but still wake up feeling like a bag a boiled Shite and worry about the work day ahead and what’s it going to bring, and then the afternoons telling myself to excersise and it never happens. 

The lesson I have learned and continue to learn is that if you do nothing about these things , how do you expect to get over them ? In saying that I’m currently lying here in bed , with basterding cramps because us women love taking the hits in the ovaries. This is me writing so I can kick myself in the ass and stop ✋ for a second and chill the fuck out . 

Please listen to me when I say , there is always a solution to everything. If your still not sure , write it down. Writing brings out your fabulous thoughts 💭. If it relates to how your going to get revenge on an ex, what to cook for dinner , a diet or a flipping Netflix decision , just write it and do it and cross it off. To me crossing off your fears, ideas, goals and worries, is better then taking my bra off after a day in 30 degree heat , and that’s something .