As I write this I’m sitting in an Uber on my way to glorious work. Woke up, checked the time , I was late and fell trying to get out of the bed whilst the dog got tangled in my legs bursting for the back door ! I kept saying “no way, I am not going to work today , I’m too tired and pissed off to even look at anything that moves!”. But I am stubborn bitch , I slapped on my makeup on half and eyelid, got dressed and threw a box of cereal in my bag for lunch. I always dread Mondays. It’s a fear of having to be an adult again for the next 5 days , pretending to like every customer you speak to even though you want to grab them and throw them over the nearest balcony for being rude and irritating. “Listen you twat, you thinks you f*cking know everything?! I will kick you in the nutsack!!” That’s what I picture saying to them. It’s not a bad thing to think I mean not everyone is nice but you just have to out that aside. Yes I don’t exactly love my job but it’s better then most and besides it’s how I survive each week. There’s always time to get another job or find something to study and once you reach that goal you’ll look back and know that job provided you with that opportunity. Once Monday is over you start to swing into the week and it flys . Just Say F*ck It and get some Berrocca into ya !!