Some of you might find this odd , some of you may find it hilarious but someone may also relate. When I got older and started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks I turned into a freaky mofo… I wouldn’t open a door to anyone. If a takeaway of a good ole Chinese arrived and someone yelled “Get the effin door!” I would run away and pretend I didn’t here it. It was like I was afraid of who was on the other side of the door and better still what would I say? Most of you are probably thinking ‘you absolute fruit cake you just open the door , take the food and say thank you’. It’s easy to do I know that, but when you suffer from something that makes you break into a cold sweat and makes your heart race for no reason you think something is wrong , I can’t do anything , I look like shit on a stick, they will laugh at me, you just crawl away. You become socially awkward towards poor Johnny delivering your food and then he freaks out. Now a days , I’ll open the door in my pj shorts on backwards, inside out and stuck to my arse and not give a hoot. They humans. Who cares? You just need to overcome thinking there is a gremlin on the other side who is going to judge you. F*ck It, grab the food , smile that you can now eat your own body fat in 10 minutes and run inside with excitement of munching on the prawn crackers first!! 😀