Public transport….. dear sweet Jesus. As bad as it is to take 2 buses every morning and afternoon, there is nothing as bad as standing on packed bus , the smell of stale p*ss and BO in the air and the ignorant son of a b*tch sprawling out across 3 seats. Now to add to that having a panic attack  whilst this is around you is not pleasant. I remember I had to jump off one morning because I thought I would pass out on the bus. I ran to the nearest bathroom, got myself together and got a Berrocca into me. Bloody great yolks! Jumped on another bus and was on my way. The second time this happened I called a loved one. When your in a panic, talk to someone , via text, email, a call. It takes your mind off your surroundings for just a moment to zone back in and calm down. Now dealing with the frustration side of people just being dicks, that’s another hurdle. It takes my every strength to hold back and not say ” I get you think your entitled to take up the whole fricken bus, but your actually just an ignorant twat”. Don’t let people get to you. Why waste your time over someone else who is just someone who will always be ignorant and rude. You can’t change them. If you could you would be Harry Potter. For me even to write that takes my strength on those people. I’m not saying  don’t lose your shit because hey we ALL need to do that now and again … trust me let lose. But F*ck It , throw your arms up and say your an asshole and I’m not!