I’m sure a lot of you guys and gals relate to the below picture because I can tell you all right now that is my lazy , bloated , don’t give two fiddlers body right there :/


You find warmth, comfort and a safe haven in bed. Where your dreams are outlived that night and forgotten once your eyes covered in shitty green crap, open up slowly. I for one used to wake up every morning with my tummy in knots almost feeling the need to puke everywhere. I would start to sweat and the feeling of dread swept over me. I was bored of my routine, work and living situation.  I felt I had no way I’ve having the will to get up and kick the shite out of the world. It took a while but my living became better, job got better and I could get up and go. Of course I don’t wake up and start singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’, dance my way to my Nutri Bullet or run 10km to work, but I have a life worth living. I have better than most people that do not have a job, a house or loved ones. Yes there is days of anxiousness and it happens but just get up and say F*ck It I am going to kick ass today for myself and be happy for small things in life.