For me, travel was never a thing. The day myself and my then partner decided to go I thought ” Meh , it is only Australia, easy as”. I wasn’t saying that the day I left. I had snot bubbles and tears as I said goodbye to my family, walking through the terminal as I was being walked down the Green Mile. I never forget the look on my Dad’s face :(.  I was gone for a while. In fact to this day I still not have gone home due to financial strains and my visa. It’s been 3 years. However this move made me more independent. A girl who couldn’t even leave for work because I was afraid of something bad happening and here I was. This made me stronger than ever. If anything , you should move out of your comfort zone. As bad as it sounds, you achieve things people thought you couldn’t do, and you can turn around with your middle finger in the air. Now that is an awesome feeling! I struggled with work , meeting new people and finding the right place to call home. My partner and I went our separate ways. That was hard. He was the only familiar thing I knew out here. But I had to do it for both of us. I met my current ‘boil on my arse’ (lol just joking) in my workplace at the time and we have been together ever since. We are like two potatoes in a field. We have settled in a home in Brisbane but looking to move soon with our dog. It took me 3 years to even get close to being settled in. I have a job I’m a Team Leader in at the moment and that is probably the first time I’ve been acknowledged for my work out here. So if you wanna fly, FLY! Yes you won’t have mammy or daddy there , but you appreciate every small thing you see and do. Ozzy land is full of funny characters which I will recall soon 😀