When I was younger I was a chubby tomboy. You will see in my pic of my Grandad and I, I didn’t even give a shit at that age either. Having chats and tea. They were the days.


I grew up around my cousins who were mostly male and so took after them and there boyish ways. I began to eat more as I got older, midnight feasts of crisps and Kinder Eggs. Eventually I was a big girl. I started to care once I realized men existed and l should be the same as every other girl and slap on the Sally Hansen everyday, roll up the school skirt and come in with my face looking like a cement bucket. I joined Slimming World , lost 3 stone, and was happy in my size. I was more confident. I then got in my first relationship, ate like he would love me no matter what, got hefty again then BANG… he was off looking for his next target. I remember the heartbreak… thinking “That C*nt made me fat again!” So then I didn’t eat much after that because I was so confused and broken. Lost more weight and boom another relationship. Not again… The cycle continued. Today I am a size 12-14 , I try to eat healthy and try to lost weight, wondering if Kyra Banks would hire me when I’m a size 8. But yano what? I’m happy. I’m happy for what I have. Yes I will continue to get fit and eat healthy , but I will NOT break my arse in a gym for 2 hours straight for someone else. Be happy and eat cake! F*ck it !