In teenage years I was always a girl who wouldn’t know how to approach a man if someone had a gun to my head. If I got any attention at all I would make it awkward. I remember a party I went to for the first time in a long time , I got wasted off a 2 litre bottle of p*ss and was flying it around like I won X Factor. I was so happy that night. I saw a guy I had not met before and thought “Oh begod I would give him a go” even though I did not know what “go” was or how to do it as well as I thought. He approached me that night and I got a bit flustered. He then proceeded to hint about “sharing” a bed. Now all I had on was a Nike tracky , no make up as it dripped off me with the cider, and one boob the size of a dutch pancake. I ran inside and tried to scrub up but to no avail. To add more matters into the mix I checked around the “perimeters” to realise I could appear in Planet of the Apes. No way was I doing this. I went back and avoided him and after a while he fell asleep so I managed to get away. I thought to myself why avoid someone who wants your attention, why judge what they think when you do not know it yet. That was me all over. I presumed things and still do. The next morning he had left and I ‘presumed’ again he had lost interest. My friend called me later and said he asked for my number and I was shocked. I acted like a big weird baboon and he still liked me. We saw each other after that but never got serious. But a lesson learned . Go for it Sister !! Don’t hold back even if you are looking like Rafiki!