So I suppose I shall give you all my background and how I came to be where I am today…. Well that to me would bore the arse off a donkey so Ill skim past some of it so that your awake for my first post.

I grew up on a stud farm in Co. Laois in Ireland with my brother Brian , Mammy Fran ( Franny as I like to call her) and Daddy Brian. For those of who knows where that is fair play, those who don’t slap it into Google because trying to explain where it is to people not local to Ireland is a mind f**ck.
Anyway I had a great childhood, in fact better then most because I had the best thing in the world, humor, along  with family and friends that loved it as much as I did. My family had my back and still do to this day.

I was pretty average in school, but of course was a bit of a cheeky one at times as I’m sure everyone was back in the day. I went through the whole teenager phase , pulling the odd sicky ( sorry Fran )
alcohol in a Coke bottle and falling in love. Well at the time I thought it was love but came to realize they were just called assholes I believe it’s called nowadays. I then finished school and decided to enroll for college for Bachelor Of Arts. Now I had no clue what this would make me become the day I graduated but I said sure everybody else is so why not! Lasted about 2 months and just scrapped it and went working full time in my local supermarket.

I have great friends and my god do I miss them since coming out to Australia. The shenanigans we got up to were endless. Before I dropped out of college I was already drinking my usual Vodka and Lime every weekend and on the weekdays. I would come home from college on the train, hop off, go to the pub and I would be there until Monday morning again. That was the best and worst time of my life. I would be totally oblivious to the world around me and not a care given. I then started to straighten up again once I got into a relationship. Relationships change you, but not in a bad way . It gave me head space to decide what to do in my life…. and then said f**ck it lets go to Australia it’s whats in at the moment!! Wahhooooo!

Now that is just a quick summary of my background. But I will delve deeper into it as my blog goes on giving you a full insight to days back then and now so you know the real me. Of course now I will tell you about that dreaded word and where it stemmed from, or so I think where it came from.

I was ill one time in school, and I remember this day so well. Mammy brought me to the local doctor for blood tests. Never had one before so thought meh this is a piece of cake. Got it done , sat up and as mam was talking to the nurse, Zoe here saw blurry and thought I was in Candy Land. I tried to call out to them but it was too late. 10 minutes later I wake up on the floor, sore head and asking “Where am I?”. I had apparently fainted, whacked my head of a metal trolley and just knocked myself out. Mam said I was shouting while I was out. I’d say it sounded like I was after taking a few sniffs of glue. Since that day I was changed woman. Good days and bad. I would not go to school for weeks. The reason you ask? I don’t even know myself, and so leads me into my world and my life…..