I will never forget the day of my brothers confirmation. That day was full of laughs, tears and a black eye. I dressed up to the nines, hair straightened and not like Hagrid’s from Harry Potter, nails, eyelashes you name it! We went to mass along with my grandmother and aunt. My Ma and Da were up front with Brian. The choir was belting out the hymns , parents proud as punch all around us. We then proceeded to kneel for prayer. I remember the priest talking and everything was getting quieter , my mind drifting off elsewhere. I then wake up underneath the seats with my grandmother trying to force a snickers at my face and my aunt telling her “Would ya go away she does not want that yolk!!” and my granny then bickering back ” She feckin needs sugar would ya look at her lying there!”. I look up at the choir… dead silent looking at me. I thought to myself “well f**ck it”. Dad had ran down and took me outside to tell me while the priest was saying the prayer he heard an almighy bang down the back of the church. It was me. I never felt so embarrassed! We had then left to go to dinner. I went to the toilet , looked in the mirror to see my right eye as bald as a jockey’s b*ll*cks! My eye hit the seat so bad on the way down to gaga land the blow had ripped all my lashes off. That was the second time I fainted and since that day I have not since. I don’t know if it was the heat , the priests voice or the smell of feet that caused me to drop like a fly but I was happy it hasn’t happened since then! Typical!